Sleight of Hand.

Clip shift mayhem.

Posted in What to do by unseenforces on July 16, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates.  Surfaced came out last week.  It has taken my soul away and locked it in a cage.  If you have been under a rock, go and get this DVD now.  Its not easy, but anything worth while is never easy.  More postings will come, trust me, I haven’t deserted my 3 readers.

Oh yeah, please do not post your “check out my clip shift! only practiced for 2 hours” youtube video please.  Do yourself and everyone else a favor and don’t embarrass yourself.  If you need something to mesure to, check out this video.  When you can do it this good, feel free to post it.


The future of magic.

Posted in What not to do by unseenforces on July 9, 2008

I have no time today for a long post so instead I leave you with this clip.  It is utterly amazing.   This is the future of magic.  Take notes.  Notice how subtley he shows you that he never smoked before and that it is real.  This guy does everything, and he even teaches you how its done.  Sign me up.


What is a “perfect” method?

Posted in Theory by unseenforces on July 8, 2008

How do you find that perfect sleight?  That perfect move that makes kids cry and hot women say “so… why should I give a fuck?”  Here is something I recommend any magician to think about when they ask themselves on how good an effect is.

Lets go back to yesterday’s example about the simple effect of a card changing into the selected card.

Once again imagine how the effect would be done if you had magical powers.  How clean would this effect be?  pretty damn clean.  How clear is the effect?  do you even need the deck anymore?

My idea of the perfect effect is this.  You bring out one joker.  You ask them to think of any card, don’t say the card, just think of it.  You ask them to stare at the joker.  With a shake, the joker magically changes into their thought of card.  You give it to the spectator as a souvenir.

Now of course there is presentation envolved, but we are just talking about the method now.  This is my “perfect” effect, you may have one that is even better.  But once you have it, your job is to emulate it as closely as possible with sleight of hand.  How close can you get to that ideal effect?

The idea of magic is to give the illusion of the perfect effect.  So the next time you perform an effect ask yourself is this the best it can be?

Is there such a thing as a perfect method?

Posted in Theory by unseenforces on July 7, 2008

If you been in the magic community long enough, you will realize that all the effects and tricks out there are really similar.  They are.  You can only do so much with a deck of cards.  There’s only so many ways to show a random card changing into the selected card.

For this post, we will concern ourselves with the effect of a card changing into a selection.  Very simple effect, which can be presented any way.  My question would be this,

Why isn’t there a standard way of performing this effect? The ultimate method so to speak.

What I mean by this question is this.  If we imagine that we had real magical powers and for some stupid reason we would perform card tricks instead of healing the blind and saving starving children, how would we make this effect work?  Well… by magic.

Now, we obviously don’t have real magic powers, except for the guy who invented the “Indiana”.  But besides him, how would you approach this?  Sleight of hand is the obvious answer. But just like how there is so many variations for a single card effect, there is also many variations for sleight of hand.  There is a god awful amount of methods to control a card to the top and the same amount to perform a color change.

I think there is a perfect method out there for this effect.  My quest in magic is to find the perfect sleight of hand.  Isn’t this something that every magician should be working on?  Why are the majority of performers out there satisfied with just a control to the top because it gets the job done.  Shouldn’t it be PERFECT?

I’m blabbing here, but really think about it.  Why do we have so many ways to perform the same effect when the ultimate purpose for magic is to give the BEST illusion that you do have magical powers. Do you really need another trick?  Another variation?  Why not find the best method and make kids cry and poop in their pants.  They don’t need you to show them 5 variations of the same card trick.  Trust me, they just… don’t.

the video above is my quest to find the perfect method.  It’s progress, but its what keeps me from burning my cards and quitting magic.


Show us your boobies.

Posted in Theory by unseenforces on July 7, 2008

I’ll do one better, I’ll talk about magic.  This blog is about me telling it all about my views about the magic world, sleight of hand, and why 90% of magicians are horrible and should stop immediately.


here are some reasons.

  • Kids and adults alike ruin magic by not respecting it and practicing. (Youtube magicians are an Ex.)
  • I want to pass my wisdom (or lack there-of) to people who are willing to treat magic as an art.
  • Need something to do during work because I’m tired of my boss yelling at me when i sleep on the job.

There will be virtual cookies and milk for anyone willing to listen.

Rants may include postings about theory, presentation, and how to improve magic. (in my humble opinion) The majority of this Blog will be used to help people with their sleight of hand.  I will be posting videos on how to refine your sleight of hand basics to levels you only wish you knew if your grandpa was Dai Vernon and was kind enough to teach you his wisdom.

Well, more postings coming later.  This blog will be like a river of my thoughts transformed into magicial-goo like substance that will stick on you like white on rice.


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