Sleight of Hand.

New video coming

Posted in Rant by unseenforces on December 5, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I have been busy getting a new camera setup for doing movie shorts and filming magic.  I am going to be shooting something Saturday with one of the best magicians I know in the city.   Mostly a test shoot to test out the new setup.

This will keep you busy while you wait.


Happy Turkey-day!

Posted in Rant by unseenforces on November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Eat lots of turkey… unless you are Ben Pratt.  He doesn’t like Turkey-day! BOOO!

Ben Pratt disapproves of Turkey-Day.

Watch those angles…

Posted in Rant by unseenforces on November 25, 2008

So I was driving down the road practicing my classic pass when I saw this sign.

big dog is not happy

big dog is not happy

I guess we always need to be aware of our angles and who is watching.  Practicing or not, the big man did not approve of my sloppy passes.

Hang out until Sunday for something big…

Posted in Rant by unseenforces on November 20, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates but this Sunday I will be posting a tutorial that everyone has been asking me for.  I will be hyping it up like Theory11 does.  Here is a hint… its something to do with pushing off cards.

Stay tuned.

If you can’t wait, watch this video.

Make sure you have a copy of Expert at the Card Table.  The password will be from the book for this tutorial.

…and the winner is…

Posted in Rant by unseenforces on November 11, 2008

People ask me what my favorite books or videos are.  I personally prefer books over videos.  Although I did learn many tricks from Michael Ammar’s Easy to master card Miracles series,  it was books that taught me the subtleties and theories needed to surpass the Ammar clone of doing magic.  Yes, I said it, I was a Asian Ammar Clone.  (magicians call it A.A.C)  Before I give my list, I will not be listing the basic books that everyone needs to have.  That is of course the Card College series, Expert at the Card Table, Royal Road to Card Magic, and Expert Card Technique.  There are many more, but those are my must haves.  So here is my top list of books that I recommend.

Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher
This book focuses on taking tension out of your card magic.  Designing moves around gravity is an amazing concept.  My favorite book of all time.  When magic is done slow and elegant, we call that person a “Smoothie”.   I love Smoothies.  Not sexually.

By Forces Unseen by Ernest Earick
Move Monkeys beware.  This is the hardest book ever devised on sleight of hand related to a deck of cards.  Currently my Bible®.  You will be seeing more videos from this book.

Card Fictions by Pit Hartling
Even though it is a small book, It’s the only book I would perform every single trick to an audience. Try “Color Sense”.

Revelation by Dai Vernon
The new edition that just came out this year is by far the more beautiful book I have seen.  It is a must have.  Not only do you get to go through Expert at the Card Table again, you get to hear what the master, Dai Vernon, has to say about it.

Pure Effect by Derren Brown
This book is pure gold.  Derren Brown’s touch of mentalism while he was still a card magician?  What else do you need.

Absolute Magic by Derren Brown
This is the only book on theory I would really recommend.  I read it every half year to inspire myself.

Magician’s right to not get fooled?

Posted in Rant by unseenforces on November 5, 2008

As magicians, we lie to our audiences to create the illusion of magic.  Just like actors aren’t really the characters in real life, they “act” that way to create the belief that he/she is the character.  Being decietful is part of the game.

So then why do magicians get really angry when other magicians try to fool them by non-sleight of hand methods?  For example, Daniel Madison’s color change.  This is pretty amazing in its own right, but why all the controversy about it being a video-editing trick instead of real sleight of hand?  Regardless of what the method might be, the illusion is still the same.

So my question is, do magician’s have some “right” to not get fooled?   I mean we fool magicians all the time with methods of sleight of hand that they don’t know.  But what about making a video of a trick claiming it is sleight of hand but in reality you use some other method like video editing?  Did we step over the line there?  Why can’t we do that?  we do it to laymen all the time.  We tell them false methods making them believe we have more power than we do.  If you think we don’t, then think of pseudo center deal gambling routines.

What gives us the right to bitch and cry foul play when it is us that is being lead in the wrong direction.

What do you think?