Sleight of Hand.

Quick card trick…

Posted in video by unseenforces on November 16, 2008

At a bar with some friends.  Sooner or later you get drunk and throw up, or do card tricks… Its not perfect I know, but you know what? Its my blog and its shielded from the public so fuck the police!

Password : Who invented the card trick “Twisting Aces”?  Answer: Dai ______


False Swivel Cut

Posted in video by unseenforces on November 10, 2008

No major updates today.  Filling up the blog with some fun sleight of hand stuff.  Dug this video up from the grave.  Tell me if this is convincing as a false cut.  It’s something that either looks good or is just plain obvious.

Password is again the same as the last post.  “What was the Elmsley Count first called?” The _____ Count.

Pass work by Gary Au

Posted in video by unseenforces on November 10, 2008

Good friend of mine, Gary “Auuuu sexy” Au doing some quick passes for the blog.  Nothing major, caught him off guard doing some passes.  He has some great hands and a major move monkey when it comes to magic.

The password for the video is the answer to this.  “What was the Elmsley Count first called?”  the _____ Count.

I’m back mother Uckers

Posted in video by unseenforces on November 5, 2008

Hey guys.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  No more. I have gotten myself a Flip Mino.  I will be updating this hopefully daily or every other day.  Every Sunday I will upload a new video talking and showing little things here and there to help improve your card magic.

Just to soft launch back into this website, Here is my little performance of the Cherry Control.  I WILL be password protecting all my videos due to the lack of ethics in magic lately.  Don’t worry, they are nothing major if you are respectful of the art.  the password is the last name of the Cherry Control’s creator.

More about the whole password thing later this week.  Hopefully Ben Pratt will not convince me to stop doing magic.  He is a douche.