Sleight of Hand.

Sound of Magic

Posted in What not to do by unseenforces on December 1, 2008

Ever accidentally drop a coin while doing a routine?  Make sure you brush it off by saying “don’t worry, that’s the sound of magic.”  Its funny.  ha ha.

This kid has taken that joke to the next level.  Make sure you turn up your speakers.  Its hard to hear the sound of magic.


Prime Examples of Visual Noise

Posted in What not to do by unseenforces on November 30, 2008

I wanted to talk more about visual noise in magic as mentioned in Lesson #1.  I really want to stress the importance of having less tension and awkward moves just for the sake of the method.  Laymen’s perception of magic usually boils down to a few things.  We are “faster” than the eye and misdirection.  It’s not good if the spectator says “Well you did it while I was looking away.”  Even if they can’t figure out the real method, they will tell you that you are just doing sleight of hand (horrible at that).  What other explanation do they have since all they see is you man-handling the cards.  These are prime examples of having visual noise.  Does it make the effect weaker?  Would people even understand what is going on?  Dai Vernon said it best, “Confusion is not magic.”  Roll Film.  Excuse my language.  This stuff pisses me off.  Please don’t do it.

you are god damn right.  It is fucking confusing.

did you catch his “classic” pass?

Magician’s flawed logic

Posted in What not to do by unseenforces on November 13, 2008

So I have a confession to make.  The only thing that gets me through the day is to watch kids ruin the name of magic.  It’s like watching someone torture a turtle.  I don’t like it, but I sure hell would watch it.  For fun only of course.

Ever since Dan and Dave Buck came out with two card transpo trick Tivo, there has been a shit-load of “variations” from kids trying to make it better.  They don’t.  Which comes to the topic for today.  Why do these kids think that their variation is better, more visual, and more magical?  Roll film.

I won’t go into all the little things he is not doing well since it seems like he is a beginner.  The major things that stand out is the construction of the trick itself.

  • After the first insertion, he does a DL but uses a KM move to get the card in place.
    Besides using the KM move at the worst time, the logic behind it is just plain horrible.  There are much better ways to get the card into position for the change.  This is a case and point of a magician doing something different for the sake of difference so he can call it his own.  If it doesn’t add anything to the effect, its not worth it.
  • After the transpo, he takes way too long to reveal the card has changed places.
    Did the kid forget where the card transported to?  The fact that he takes more than 10 seconds to turn over a card is enough to say that this method is poor.  Is it really that hard to turn over a card?  I mean, can’t you just turn the fucking card over?  Instead, you pull it out while holding the double, then put the card back on top of the deck putting the double card back on top, then thumb off the top card to show the card that was in the middle?  I mean watching this guy makes more sense than the method of this trick.

The only reason this kid made this variation was that he wanted to be “original” and get praise from the chat groups.  In fact, many kids put videos on solely for this purpose.  It is amazing how these kids even think that their variations are improving the original method.

I will leave you with a post that the creator of this video wrote.  It says it all…

"Yes it is a simplified tivo  more cleaner though"

To quote from the show Boondocks, “Bitches love the smiley face.”

Is it really that hard to do something simple?

Posted in Theory, What not to do by unseenforces on November 7, 2008

Here is a prime example of what magicians think good sleight of hand is.  In the video he is “performing” the classic pass, or some sort of horrible shift.  Obviously he is using dupes to trick you into believing that his pass is “My Best Invisible Pass Video card trick magic” there is.  He says in his description of the video so it has to be true.

"Well this is my final pass but it can always be better i do need
to work on my double lifts and color change thou but i would one day do
the pass with out even moving my hands if that is possible. love the
invisible pass no one can catch it even if i am surrounded with 100
people coz they just dont know. Check my other video old one but that
is slow invisible pass + learn how to do this with the tutorial."

So this begs to ask the question.  Is it really that hard to do something so simple?  The layman’s perspective is showing the card in the middle of the deck and squaring up the deck making them believe it is lost in the deck.  For the sake of argument, lets say that using a duplicate card would be the most convincing way while keeping control of the card on top.  Then why does he square up the deck so horribly.  Its like an infant who never seen a deck of cards.  Is it REALLY that hard to square up the deck?

Next time you perform any sleight of hand, ask yourself that question.  Is your D.L. easy on the eyes?  or does it feel like you are turning over a brick?  is it REALLY that hard to turn over a single card?  The whole point of sleight of hand is that it should emulate the same exact action as if done for real.

Does magic make us stupid?

Posted in What not to do by unseenforces on November 6, 2008

Why do magicians think just because they are doing sleight of hand that they can get away with it when it obviously looks like shit?  Does something go off in their brains that say “Oh, that looks perfect! The illusion is complete.”  Looking back now, I can see how horrible I was younger but yet easily blinded to it.  Its like someone new to using Photoshop who would basically put all the filters known to man onto one photo and parade it around like some masterpiece.

I strongly believe in order to break this “spell”, you have to go out and perform for the real world.  They are the real judges.  All those Youtube magicians get no feedback and even if they do, they don’t listen.

Below is an excellent example of this phenomenon.  Be warned, the spell has taken over this kid greatly.

Does this kid really think he fools anyone?  Why does he publish this onto You-tube?  Why does he even film it?  This stupidity is what ruins magic as an art.  Knowing the method does not mean you have mastery over it.  The only reason I think the performance is bare able is because I really do think this person has serious arthritis, the mental toughness of a 3rd grader, and Arachibutyrophobia.

The future of magic.

Posted in What not to do by unseenforces on July 9, 2008

I have no time today for a long post so instead I leave you with this clip.  It is utterly amazing.   This is the future of magic.  Take notes.  Notice how subtley he shows you that he never smoked before and that it is real.  This guy does everything, and he even teaches you how its done.  Sign me up.